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19 April 2018Links to Current Music - Homework!
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Links to Current Music - Homework!
Thursday 19 April 2018

Music rehearsed each week:  music links below

YouTube has lots of versions of Bob Chilcott's Little Jazz Mass and learning videos of the different parts. Just go onto YouTube and type the following search criteria for the whole mass or your section part where you can follow the music:  

bob chilcott A Little Jazz Mass guide voix soprano

bob chilcott ALJM  guide voix alto

bob chilcott ALJM  guide voix tenor

bob chilcott ALJM  guide voix bass

Rehearsal Wed 18 Apr:  ALJM  1.Kyrie, 5.Agnus Dei;  FEFS  1.The Dark Eyed Sailor,  3.Just As The Tide Was Flowing;  Fly Me To The Moon.

Rehearsal Wed 25 Apr:  ALJM  2. Gloria pp13-16 and 4. Benedictus.  All The Things You Are;  FEFS 4. The Lover's Ghost.  FOR NEXT WEEK please look at A Fancy of Folk Songs  (AFOF) numbers 1 Green Bushes, and 4. O No, John!