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03 December 2017Links to Current Music - Homework!
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Links to Current Music - Homework!
Sunday 03 December 2017

Richard has sent an music MP3 copy of the Oxen to the Sops and Altos.  As this won't load on our website so please use your email copies for revision.

Also some research for us by Cris Shepley:

I've done my usual research thing on Riu Riu Chiu - there's various stuff out there, quite a few recordings  and translations.  Not sure if people will want it.  The words are old Spanish rather than modern. Here's quite a nice recording (ignore the hand clapping).  There's also
one by the Kings Singers, not very Spanish.
I also like this version:

Here's another version with music scrolling across for your delectation:
Quite an interesting discussion about the word "cordera", literally a female lamb - or a humble woman (BV Mary).