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16 October 2018Message from Sue Mahony, Music Librarian
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03 September 2018Start of term message from Anne-Christine
04 June 2018Message from Nick re AGM
22 May 2018URGENT Music orders for November 2018 from Sue Mahoney
04 May 2018Data Protection email from Nick
01 March 2017LHMF National Anthem
25 September 2016Latin Pronounciation

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Message from Sue Mahony, Music Librarian
Tuesday 16 October 2018

Dear All

To finish our November concert, David has sourced a beautiful piece of music called ‘For the Fallen’ by Douglas Guest (do listen to it on YouTube if you get a chance).

I will have the music with me at choir on Wednesday so please could you please bring £1.70 with you (exact change would be great) in exchange.  

Many thanks


Music Librarian - DCS